Chambers Advisory Group

Our Origin Story:

The Chambers Advisory Group was founded in 1995, partly in response to installing a phone line for my home office. I was frustrated with the help available to me when I trying to choose a long-distance carrier. They couldn't provide me with clear options. I saw a need for someone who could help others make sense of a confusing telecom industry. Chambers Advisory Group was born. Our goal has always been to educate our clients, giving them crystal clear and cost-effective options when they are looking to make changes to their voice and data services. As technology has changed there are many choices and there is more to keep an eye on as well.

Our billing review process has helped hundreds of entities optimize their telecom and data service and save money in the process. We can provide monthly bill reviews and provide customize reports. We can also manage moves, adds, changes and repairs. We want to provide the billing expertise that enables your staff to stay focused on what they do best. 

- Rob Chambers, Owner -The Chambers Advisory Group