Chambers Advisory Group

Our Origin Story:

The Chambers Advisory Group was founded in 1995, partly in response to installing a phone line for my home office. I was frustrated with the help available to me when I trying to choose a long-distance carrier. They couldn't provide me with clear options. I saw a need for someone who could help others make sense of a confusing telecom industry. Chambers Advisory Group was born. Our goal has always been to educate our clients, giving them crystal clear and cost-effective options when they are looking to make changes to their telephone services. Our billing review process has helped hundreds of schools and municipalities optimize their telecom arrangement and save money in the process.

Then in 2005 a revolutionary change began in the telecom industry. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephone systems were coming on the market. Over the next decade customers were able to take advantage of increased Internet bandwidth and use it to make local and long-distance telephone calls. We’ve gone from a dial-up connection over your copper wire bandwidth of 56K (kilobytes) to cable connections cable of 25M (megabytes) and more, over 400 times the bandwidth for less money than you spent on you phone and internet connection. It signaled the end of old copper wire phone systems and a more cost-effective way for voice communications. This new voice technology utilized ethernet cables. We saw the possibilities of VoIP coming down the road and a need to help our clients realize the value of this technology. VoIP has now become the industry standard for voice calls in most municipalities, schools and corporations.

Initially ethernet cables transmitted only data, but in 2000, low-voltage power, now known as Power over Ethernet (PoE), was able to be transmitted through network switches. Soon appliances were being powered with PoE. Some of these appliances included wireless access points, IP (Internet Protocol) security cameras and IP telephones. In recent years LED lighting has been added to this list of PoE applications.

Ethernet is now revolutionizing digital buildings. PoE, combined with low voltage LED lighting, is helping to create a single unified platform from which we can monitor and manage entire building systems. PoE lighting will connect an entire building to the data network. This will allow for ease of management of lighting as well as access to information that will be useful for building management. Many people are not familiar with PoE lighting, but industry analysts are predicting that it will grow ten-fold in the next decade.

This is another opportunity for the Chambers Advisory Group to assist clients with becoming educated about new technologies. VoIP has had an impressive impact in the area of telecommunications. PoE lighting will likely have a much more significant impact to help future-proof buildings.

- Rob Chambers, Owner -The Chambers Advisory Group