Our Origin Story:

"Back in 1995, before the breakup of Ma Bell, I was trying to order a phone line for my home office. While on the phone doing this I was asked to choose a long-distance carrier. I was familiar with the big three at the time, AT&T, MCI and Sprint. Out of curiosity I inquired as to how many providers there were and was told that there were over thirty to choose from. When I asked for more information about the other choices, the person on the other end was not able to give them to me because she just had a list. I thought, "You want me to make a decision without any information." That is how the Chambers Advisory Group got started. It has been my goal to provide clients with the best information about telecommunication options so that they can make good decisions and save money too."

                                    - Rob Chambers, Owner - The Chambers Advisory Group

At the Chambers Advisory Group we help you manage your telecom services. With experience in the government sector, we have worked with hundreds of municipalities, schools, non-profit organizations and State agencies. Our primary goal is to save you money by reducing your costs - typically through billing reviews and inventory analysis.

Step 1

Billing Review and Inventory Analysis - This is the best way to start because of the detailed information that a full review provides. As budgets tighten and you are asked to do more with less, a billing review can help stretch your current budget.

Step 2

After a completed billing review, we present a detailed report that identifies what you are currently paying for and any billing errors that we find. In many cases, especially where state contracts are concerned we can find errors and overcharges that can be refunded. The report will make recommendations for cost saving changes.

Step 3

We can assist you in implementing these cost-saving changes. You enough to do in your daily job. Let the Chambers Advisory Group make the arrangements with your service providers.

Step 4

The Chambers Advisory group can help you explore other telecom options that make use current technologies like VoIP to keep everyone in touch across multiple platforms.

Our services include:

· Billing reviews and inventory analysis

· Monthly billing review – monitoring for errors and departmental reporting

· “Backroom” services – helping you to place orders for repairs, moves, add-ons and changes.

· RFP Development for phone system upgrades

· VoIP Consulting & Sales

· E-rate filing

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