Why Do I Need A Billing Review?

One of the things that we see, that isn't always obvious, is that there are many hands in the "telecom" basket. Management of telecom services within a given organization, can often involve the financial officer, the accounts payable department, the IT department, and sometimes someone from operations. Additionally, there is the hardware vendor, the service provider, and the IT provider as well. That's a lot of people who need to communicate together to keep your telecommunications running smoothly!

Uncovering Your Hidden Savings

With over twenty years of experience reviewing phone bills, we have found that almost everyone has some billing errors, even when purchasing from the State contract. Often there are services that are no longer needed but are still being billed. The process of reviewing your bills, and our subsequent conversations, give us the foundation from which to learn about your organization's needs and desires.

We Can Help!

At the Chambers Advisory Group we can dialogue between all parties to ensure that our clients can make informed decisions and keep their costs down.

Let's Talk! The Chambers Advisory Group can help you stretch your telecom budget and uncover significant savings hidden within your phone bill. Contact us today to learn more.
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