You should consider a VoIP system

According to a report by TIA (Telecommunication Industry Association) VoIP systems for businesses in the US are predicted to grow from 25.3 million lines in 2015 to 46.16 million lines by the end of 2018. VoIP makes use of current cloud technology and changes the way phone calls are made. It is a highly efficient, flexible and cost effective system for many municipalities and organizations. Chambers Advisory Group can help you to make the transition.

Five reasons to switch to VoIP:

1. Older telecommunication technology is being phased out.

2. In most cases it will save money

3. It is quite flexible, with more disaster recovery options than standard landlines

4. You no longer have to deal with a local service provider like Verizon or AT&T

5. It is the future, today.
Most everyone reliable internet access with significant bandwidth.

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