Chambers Advisory Group

When planning for a new building project, how do you chart the best course? With new technologies are coming to market every year, how do you know what is coming down the road?

There was a time when planning for a new building meant using time-honored construction methods and well-established infrastructure technology. Planning committees could feel certain that the lighting, HVAC, and technical needs of the building weren’t going to change significantly between the blueprint approval and the final ribbon cutting a few years later.

That’s not necessarily true anymore. Most new buildings will want a life span of fifty years with a twenty-year life for its mechanical systems. The last thing anyone wants is to make a significant investment in a new structure that won’t be able to incorporate the many technological innovations that await us down the road and will soon be an industry standard.

We are currently living in a “gold rush” time of new digital devices, building technology and greener materials. Buildings themselves and their mechanical components are becoming digital networks. Because of Internet of Things (IoT) technology, more and more of our devices and systems now have the ability to connect the Internet via ethernet wiring. This creates the potential for a more unified control system. Your buildings' telecom, lighting, HVAC, security, and Internet connectivity are becoming smarter. Each has the capacity to provide real-time analytic data that will help you to run them more efficiently and at a lower cost.

With all this change coming down the road the Chambers Advisory Group wants to provide you with some guidance. We'd like to introduce you to some new building technology options. We can work with planning committees, architects, and key stakeholders to offer a clearer picture of the exciting technology available to you. These new elements can be incorporated in your design process, providing an integration between cutting-edge technologies and established legacy systems. It will help ensure that your future building is ready for the future.

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