Consulting and Troubleshooting

Have you ever been in a foreign country with minimal knowledge of the spoken language? It is difficult to fully comprehend what is being said. Likewise, when you are talking to a telecom or IT professional, their language is often different from yours, with lots of acronyms. Even without the acronyms, they are discussing technologies that most people don’t have any experience managing. We just want to be able to pick up the phone and make calls when needed.

At the Chambers Advisory Group, we can dialog with all players to help our clients find the best solutions to meet their needs. And, since we deal with the service providers every day, we can accomplish things more efficiently for our clients than they typically can themselves. That is why we offer our “backroom” service to place orders and make changes on behalf of our clients.

“When I tried dealing directly with Verizon on billing issues in the past, I found their response time to be very slow. I was a sole customer with limited experiences on telephones. One of the values that Chambers Advisory Group brings to us is precisely their expertise in this area.

They represent a number of clients, and therefore they seem to receive quicker responses from Verizon than I could on my own. This allows me to spend considerably less time in my attempts to pursue Verizon for a response.

I have been pleased with the work done by Chambers Advisory Group. I found them to be friendly and highly responsive to our needs and would recommend them for work in your district or company.”

— Candice Walczak, Business Administrator, South Hadley Public Schools