Chambers Advisory Group

What is a telecom billing review?

In our over twenty-year experience as telecom specialists, we have found that almost everyone has some billing errors, even when purchasing from the State contract. Depending on how long those errors have gone undetected there can be some significant savings. Often it is due to services that are no longer needed but are still being billed. In the review process we do a close examination of one month's bills from all your service providers. We'll look for savings and credits that are there. We then create a detailed report for you so you can decide what changes to implement.

It sounds like this process will create more work for our organization. Will it?

Actually, no. We do the heavy lifting. We'll get billing authorization for all your service providers. This allows us to examine a one-month billing cycle. We do a close-up examination for accuracy, state contract compliance for every line, every expense. We might have a few questions for you or your IT staff but Chambers Advisory Group does almost all the work. We prepare a detailed report on the savings or credits that we find and go over it with you.

Is Chambers Advisory Group

on the State contract?

NO. While we are happy to audit bills for any entity, we have chosen not to renew as a State Contract vendor.

We have already switched to a new phone system or VoIP provider. Can I do a review of our older services?

YES. it is your money. Even if you have a new phone system, we can review a month's worth of older bills. It might turn out that you were being overcharged for years and never knew it. Wouldn't you like to have that money back?

We Can Help!

One of the things that we see, that isn't always obvious, is that there are many hands in the "telecom" basket. Management of telecom services within a given organization, can often involve the financial officer, the accounts payable department, the IT department, and sometimes someone from operations. Additionally, there is the hardware vendor, the service provider, and the IT provider as well.At the Chambers Advisory Group we can dialogue between all parties to ensure that our clients can make informed decisions and keep their costs down.

Let's Talk! The Chambers Advisory Group can help you stretch your telecom budget and uncover significant savings hidden within your phone bill. Contact us today to learn more.

“When I tried dealing directly with Verizon on billing issues in the past, I found their response time to be very slow. I was a sole customer with limited experiences on telephones. One of the values that Chambers Advisory Group brings to us is precisely their expertise in this area.

They represent a number of clients, and therefore they seem to receive quicker responses from Verizon than I could on my own. This allows me to spend considerably less time in my attempts to pursue Verizon for a response. I have been pleased with the work done by Chambers Advisory Group. I found them to be friendly and highly responsive to our needs and would recommend them for work in your district or company."

— Candice Walczak, Business Administrator, South Hadley Public Schools

"...we highly recommend Chambers Advisory Group for any agency or business that utilizes the telephone. They are creative thinkers, flexible and communicate well in ways that are understandable to the average business person.”

- Candace A. Hall, CEO, Berkshire Children and Families

"When I took a position in the Saugus Public Schools, I again looked to Chambers Advisory Group to undertake the same scope of work at my previous position. I was surprised this time as the magnitude of both retroactive credits and lower bills was substantially better than what I achieved in Winchester.

During these difficult economic times, savings like this allow our districts to purchase critical instructional materials that teachers and students might otherwise have to go without.”

- Samuel A. Rippon, Executive Director of Finance and Operations, Saugus Public Schools